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If you are initiating child support in Laredo, TX and have not done so, you will want to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney. Likewise, if you are attempting to adjust amounts paid or received.

Child support is a sensitive area of law because it is usually case specific. There are many factors contributing to the amount paid/received. Payment using goes to the non-custodial parent. If you would like to calculate a child support payment you can do so online.

You may qualify for a modification if the projected child support obligation is either 20% or $100 higher or lower than your current court-ordered monthly child support obligation

How Does Child Support Work?

If both parties can come to an agreement during a mediation by a Child Support Officer (CSO), a document will be signed and sent to a judge for a third and final signature.

However, if an agreement cannot be negotiated, the case will be scheduled for a court hearing. The court will also schedule the case for a hearing if there is family violence or safety concerns, if one of the parties is a minor, or if the OAG determines there needs to be a hearing.

How to Apply for Child Support in Texas?

If you would like to apply for child support usually the fastest way is online (the application usually takes about an hour of time to complete). However, if you would like to request a mail in form you can do so as well.

What Happens if Child Support is Not Paid?

Not paying child support can become problematic for the offender. The Office of Child Support Enforcement lists three major consequences:

  • Finances – which can include income withholding as well as intercepting tax returns
  • Mobility – which includes denying passports and suspending a driver’s license
  • Public Record – includes setting property liens and reporting debts the the credit bureaus

There is an online handbook explaining how child support is collected in great detail.

If you would like to see these resources in Spanish you may contact our firm at anytime or view them online.

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