DWI Defense Laredo Texas


It may be a priority speak to a Laredo DWI attorney at The Law Office of Oscar A. Vela, Jr.  if you were wrongfully stopped by law enforcement. If you were stopped due to suspicion that you are driving under the influence of alcohol, you can challenge your charges and build a defense.

An illegitimate police stop may pave the way for the termination of vital evidence and the case against you.

Were you stopped at random while you were abiding by the law?

It is the responsibility of the police officers to know and protect your constitutional and civil rights. You cannot be charged with DWI if there is no legitimate reason for the traffic stop conducted by the police officers. If you attend a bar or club in the night, a traffic stop may not be warranted.

A legal stop is said to have happened when the police officer approaches a person and resists their movement because there is a suspicion that the individual was breaking the law.

It is important to always abide by the law and take the proper precautions when operating a vehicle. However, if you get pulled over there are some important notes to keep in mind.

  • Always treat the officer with respect and provide the proper documentation when requested (such as a driver’s license and proof of insurance).
  • You can refuse a field sobriety test – lawfully

The Texas Department of Public Safety website has a complete guide in their handbook containing suggested steps and precautions to take while being pulled over.

Building Your DWI Defense

After an initial consultation and receiving all of the pertinent details regarding your case, our team will begin analyzing all aspects. Starting with investigating whether or not the traffic stop was warranted to begin with. Questions such as; Was the arrested conducted correctly by the officer?

If the vehicle was searched, was it done so lawfully?

If any field sobriety test were conducted, were they valid?

Were any of your rights violated during the procedure?

Analyzing the event from start to finish and scrutinizing every last detail will be essential during any court proceedings.

Contact an experienced DWI Attorney to determine your options based on your specific circumstance. Seek legal advice from a Laredo lawyer.